"You answered my prayer"


On a Saturday afternoon Ronasia would have rather been at work making money instead of attending  what she thought was going to be a “BS” workshop, she wasn’t alone.  Her mother Fidelia also had other plans for this day that didn’t include “being punished for Ronasia’s actions” as it was her daughter’s poor choices, not her own, that brought them to the Choose 180 Youth Workshop.  Wanting to make the most of it, the two of them found a quiet place before the session began and prayed that this opportunity would make a difference, that they would find answers, and that they both would learn something from this experience.

As the workshop started and the Choose 180 team began sharing their stories Ronasia’s disposition began to change.  The testimonies opened her eyes and she started to realize there is so much more to this world than the violence and negativity and that in spite of it all she can be something better.  As the workshop was transitioning to small groups Ronasia found her mother and with renewed confidence told her, “this is really good, if they can do it, I can do it!”  In the small group settings both Ronasia and Fidelia had transformative experiences.  Fidelia reflected that “sometimes I feel like I’m all alone trying to get her on the right path” and that listening to the other connected adults made her realize that she isn’t by herself. There are others on this same journey.  Ronasia had a similar experience in her small group. When listening to the stories of the other participants she reflected, “I realized I wasn’t alone and their stories helped me understand what I could overcome.” 

When asked to share what she learned from this experience Ronasia said, “I’m going to be more patient because the fast rout takes you the wrong way.”  Her mother Fidelia simply looked toward heaven and said “You answered my prayer.”   






Sean Goode