"If you're not trying to go to the workshop, you're not trying to change your life."


With a child due in April, Rayshawn didn’t want to go to jail and saw the Young Adult Choose 180 Workshop as a second chance.   With a baby on the way, he got up, got dressed, and made his way to the workshop.  Thinking he’d be greeted with judgement, he was surprised that the workshop was being led by people who looked like him and had been in similar situations.  He appreciated having the time to work together with a group of his peers to identify where he is in life and where he keeps getting stuck.  Reflecting on his experience Rayshawn said, “to be surrounded by people with similar issues, who are close in age, is empowering for a young black man, to know that I have time to fix things.”

With his son on the way, he knows that the time is now, and he offered these words to future participants in the CHOOSE 180 Workshop: “If you’re not trying to go to the workshop, you’re not trying to change your life.  There are barriers, but you can hurdle them if you want to.” 

Sean Goode