CHOOSE 180 Staff and Board Retreat


We’ve all just returned home from an energetic, loving, and beyond inspiring 2-day staff and board retreat at Warm Beach Camp. It is difficult to describe the love and hope expressed in this retreat, but we promise to demonstrate it to all of you by bringing it back to the community. To the people we serve: we will continue to demonstrate love, hope, vulnerability and compassion by sharing our stories in the workshops you attend, by showing up and supporting you in court, by sitting with you in the classroom, by providing support over the phone, over coffee or over homework as we pour into you the same way we pour into each other. We love you, we’re here for you and we believe in you.

Shoutout to each of the twenty people who took time out of their busy lives to invest in the future of CHOOSE 180 and who everyone who has given to this organization over the past 8 years.

Sean Goode