Welcome Javen!

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Javen, who has been a workshop facilitator and speaker with us for the past 6 months, is taking over as Outreach and Intake Specialist for Young Adults so Durell can transition into our second CEDAR Community Navigator role! Welcome, Javen!

From Javen:

“The way that my journey has been the last five years has been close to a movie written by Antwon Fisher, but not as dramatic. It would only probably make a million tops. However, it would be worth the $5 I would charge to watch it. I was born in a small town 30 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin known as Racine. When I was 11 my mother shipped me to Fort Worth, Texas to be raised by my father. You are talking about a drastic switch. My father is a Pastor! And when I say there was a battle between good and evil in our house, being misguided as a pastor’s son, it was ever so real. I grew up both book and street smart. However, the street side took over. It wasn’t until after my four years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice that I found my passion to give back to the community that I had disrespected. I moved to Seattle in October of 2018 to start a new life and a new beginning. Not knowing how that new life would look. You can say I was the modern-day Abram. I packed up my truck and drove to Seattle. Since I have been here, I have truly found my stride and rhythm for life. Who would have thought that a mountain could redirect my view of life!

The words “choose 180” mean so much to me because someone in prison told me I had the choice to choose a different path. That I could choose a 180. And now working for Choose 180, I have the ability to give someone the opportunity to choose their 180.”

Emily Westlake