Over 2,000 participants have been given a second chance since 2011.


How we work

Youth and Young Adult 180 Workshops

180 Workshops are a half day experience that engage young people in difficult situations and empowers them to Choose 180 and in doing so commit to positive change in their life.  The workshop creates the space for participants to hear from people with shared backgrounds and experiences and participate in small group activities that encourage them to identify the behaviors that have led them to their current circumstances, what has kept them from making positive change, and the path to Choose 180.

Youth and young adults are referred to the program through the King County Prosecuting Attorney and Seattle City Attorney offices and choose to attend as part of a pre-filing diversion program.  Upon successful completion of the workshop the participants have not only committed to their 180 but also avoid having a criminal record because of the alleged offense that lead to their referral to the 180 Workshop. 

180 beyond

At the completion of each workshop participants have the opportunity to work with our Outreach and Intake Specialist who will work with them to identify a community of resources that will help support their commitment to change.  These community partners help by providing case management, employment opportunities, mentorship, academic support and a variety of other services.  





“This Program is the healing, it helps you get rid of the wound so you don't have to carry it with you for the rest of your life."


tavius|  Choose 180 WOrkshop participant