“Legacies made and lives changed”

Reggie and Lawanda after completing the CHOOSE 180 workshop, fall 2018

Reggie and Lawanda after completing the CHOOSE 180 workshop, fall 2018


“This could’ve been a path where…it would be more difficult for him to begin to take a different path, a path that involves smarter choices, and that this wouldn’t follow him for the rest of his life, and that was really encouraging. I was also excited that the judicial system looks at other options to help youth other than being punitive” – Lawanda

Lawanda received a letter in the mail about Reggie’s options and describes herself feeling “surprised and grateful” at the opportunity for Reggie to CHOOSE 180. Reggie thought he was going to be “bored as heck” but said the four hours went by pretty fast, he got to know people going through the same stuff and got to express himself. Lawanda felt the small group provided parental support, putting parents and guardians on common ground so they could establish goals like building trust and open communication with their kids. She added that “you learn more about yourself and what your child is going through that maybe you haven’t considered before…it’s an avenue and a bridge to building your relationship.” Giving thanks to the CHOOSE 180 team she added “There are legacies that are going to be made and lives changed because of this, because of the work that you guys have put into it.” We thank Lawanda and Reggie for committing to CHOOSE 180 and are excited to see where the power of choice takes them. 

Sean Goode