Outreach and Intake Specialist

Application Due: February 8th

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Job purpose

The Youth Outreach and Intake Specialist will be responsible for building relationships with participants referred to the CHOOSE 180 workshops and their, families or connected adults in effort to connect them to services that will support their commitment to change.  

Duties and responsibilities

Choose 180 Workshop Support

  • ·      Engage participants invited to attend CHOOSE 180 Workshops through phone calls, home visits, social media, etc. to encourage their participation.

    ·      Participate in CHOOSE 180 Workshops as a small group facilitator, and speaker as assigned.

    ·      Support CHOOSE 180 Workshop Coordinator by performing other duties as assigned.  


    Beyond 180 Support

    ·      Initiate and document follow-up contacts with all CHOOSE 180 participants and their families following the workshop to conduct risk and needs assessments. 

    ·      Provide information to participants and their families about services that address their needs, goals, and barriers. 

    ·      Meet with partner agencies on behalf of and/or with participants to advocate for youth successfully securing services. 

    ·      Submit required weekly documentation of activities, including calendar, client progress notes, reimbursement forms, assessments, etc. 


    Community engagement, fundraising support and strategic partnerships 

    ·      Support strategic relationships with community-based organizations, public agencies, supportive service providers and educational institutions, in support of CHOOSE 180.

    ·      Write grant applications and/or support the preparation of grant applications for CHOOSE 180.

    ·      Support organizational fundraising efforts. 

Desired Qualifications for this position:

  • Commitment to the vision and goals of CHOOSE 180

  • Familiarity with youth service providers in King County

  • Personal or professional experience with the justice system

  • Strong oral and written communications skills, and presentation skills

  • Culturally competent in working with diverse communities in secular and non-secular settings

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and respect for cultural influences of underserved youth and young adults, including youth and young adults of color from a variety of backgrounds

  • Experience working with programs designed to help people overcome a variety of challenges such as school truancy, mental illness, substance abuse, anger management, etc.

  • Strong time-management skills

Working conditions

The incumbent in this position is required to work some weekend days as well as attend after-hours events, and to be available for consultation when needed. In addition, the incumbent may be called upon to intervene in situations involving youth who are under the influence of intoxicants, are mentally ill or developmentally challenged, or who have poorly developed anger-management skills.

Compensation: $40,000 - $45,000/Year DOQ